Let’s Talk About Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is an amazing and versatile gift from Mother Earth. My husband bought me this small Aloe Vera plant at the beginning of this summer and I put it in this pot, meaning to transplant it all summer, and guess what I forgot about it. So the little Aloe sat on the porch in the container, it came in, all summer! But oh my, it tripled in size, or more. Definitely time to transplant and start bringing, the not so little aloe, inside for the cold season.

Aloe Vera Gel/Juice has been found to have five major characteristics:

  • Pain Inhibitor
  • Antimicrobial (resistance to infection)
  • Astringent ( tightens tissue and restores tone)
  • Biogenic Stimulator ( increase cell growth for more rapid healing)
  • Scar Inhibitor (restoration of normal tissue)

Aloe Vera is of course well known for it’s ability to heal skin issues of all kinds. I use the Aloe Vera Gel and or juice when I make my, (not certified), organic lotions. We also keep a pump bottle in the refrigerator filled with organic Aloe Vera for our everyday personal use. My daughter who is twelve, soon to be thirteen, is going through the pimple/acne stage now and she started on a regimen of putting it on her face nightly, after her shower, and “WOW” I cannot believe how much it helped clear up her skin. *Note: that Aloe Vera stimulates deep layers of the skin so acne may get worse for several days before it gets better, and that is what happened for my daughter. * Note: My daughter and I use a very good neem based soap on our faces, as well as a Tea tree oil based ointment for more then a couple of years now. I use the Aloe Vera daily after my morning shower and it has faded my  red lines on my cheeks and some of the general ruddiness that I am prone to. And if I get a pimple, it lessens the healing time and they fade more quickly. Aloe Vera is known for its ability to fade scars, quicken the healing time of skin wounds, helps sooth all kinds of rash issues to include psosiasis and eczematous rashes,  herpes simplex 1 and 2 blisters, fungus and yeast infections, hemorrhoids and bleeding piles, aids in fading scars but with patience, applying daily and nightly for at least 6 months, and of course burns of all degrees, poison ivy and oak, stings by insects, jellyfish and stinging nettle, brown spots and again with patience applying daily and nightly. *Note: Aloe Vera can be drying for those who have a tendency to have dry skin, so use a good organic natural skin moisturizer, my daughter and I do not have an issue.

Lilyanna 12 and, me, Brandee 52
Our skin continues to improve with our daily use of organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera  can be use on all animal’s skin issues too. My horse developed a cyst mass, on his scrotum, and my husband slathered a poultice, that I made,  on the area for several days. The poultice was mixed with my freshly wild harvested yarrow and  organic aloe vera gel. This application really reduced the severely reddened area around the skin where the cyst was attached. It eventually burst, dried up and is healing nicely now:)

King Arthur with my middle daughter

Aloe Vera Juice and gel are used internally also. I drink Aloe juice straight, with its pulp, two to three times weekly, or I add it to my kale and fruit smoothie. You can purchase Aloe Vera juice/gel flavored with other fruit in most health food stores and online stores. The effects internally are said to be useful for many digestive issues, ulcers, arthritis, sore throat, eye and ear drops, canker sores and other sores of mouth and gums, and menstrual discomfort just to name a few. The fabulous thing about Aloe Vera is that it works in so many ways, but even if it doesn’t, it does no harm:) Most of my information here is from personal experience and from the author of “The Aloe Vera Handbook”,  by Max B. Skousen the Director Of Aloe Vera Research Institute. Max also recommends that the Aloe Vera leaf  be applied directly, after splitting it open to expose the inner gel contents, or I recommend purchasing organic gel or juice in health food stores or online. Just know your source, and that the Aloe Vera, whether it is plant, gel or juice that you purchase, is grown and harvested with Eco-friendly considerations.

To purchase my Everything Earthly lotions, face oils and other products,(not certified organic by FDA standards), but made with organic products purchased, wild harvested or harvested from my garden planted with organic seed or plants by my family and I:),  made with coconut oils, olive oils or butters, aloe vera gel or juice, evening of primrose oil, mixed tocopherals natural vitamin E oil and or essential oils, link to my website at http://www.everythingearthly.org. *Note: This site is under construction and will be up and available by October 10th, 2015. Thank you for your patience.

*Note: I am not a doctor and you are strongly urged to consult with your qualified caregiver before treating yourself with any natural or other plants or products I write about. Always test first to make sure you are not allergic.The FDA has not specifically approved Aloe Vera for any ailment other than minor first aid, so it is not said that Aloe Vera is a cure for anything. For more information about Aloe Vera read The Aloe Vera Handbook By Max B. Skousen Director Aloe Vera Research Institute or search online.


Let’s Talk About Boneset

Boneset has received recognition for a couple of centuries now as a high ranking medical plant. Used by Native tribes and in the 1820’s by physician’s and recognized in the U.S. Pharmacopeia from 1820-1916 . Yes physician’s, even though now they do not give the herbal plants any credit it is what there predecessors had to use. Boneset has shown to have strong diaphoretic and immunostimulant properties. Working great for sweating out fevers particularly related to influenza and colds. Having immune-enhancing effects boneset can be used to stimulant the immune system in the fight against a plethora of infections in the body, meaning lots:)  Boneset tea taken in large doses acts as an emetic, in other words it will make you puke:) Also can be used as a mild laxative. The  extract of boneset cured in alcohol or glycerin and can be taken in drops, dry boneset can be infused into tea with some mint, for flavor. And as always;) consult with your caregiver before starting any herbal regimen. Had to say it:)


Let’s talk about yarrow

Yarrow- characteristic of the mint family. Grows throughout North America. It is just wrapping up in my fields in Northern Minnesota. Used often for circulatory issues, pain in the pelvis region, including endometriosis. Matthew Alfs also recommends topical use of the chewed or crushed leaves for tooth pain and bleeding cuts, to stop bleeding faster, salve for hemorrhoids, and a sitz bath made of an infusion of tea, for perineal tears. I’ve also read about it being used to stop nosebleeds, along with holding some ice in your hands.

Note-not to be used during pregnancy, if using anticoagulants and hypertensive drug you should consult with Physician. Always consult with your Naturopathic doctor or physician before adding medicinal herbs.

2015-08-14 19.05.08I have harvested this from my organic garden and also wild harvested it from my fields. It grows plentiful on my property. Have tinctured it and put into balms with coconut oil. Also dried plenty for tea:)